Rising Musculoskeletal Statistics

As a Chiropractor, I need to share with you that the rates of musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise.  I’ve seen it in my office and I’ve talked about it with clients.  And now the numbers are in that confirm this increase over the past year.

Many people in our community and in our lives have shifted to online, remote work.  In this shift comes a new environment where you may be working or studying.  The ergonomics may not be there.  The laptop is placed upon a lap while sitting at the couch.  Or folks are on a Zoom call on the phone or computer without it necessarily being propped up at eye-level.  Students are on their bed or cross-legged on their floor.  It may seem okay in the moment, and then…the neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, etc.

Current research from 2020 is showing that 64.7% of workers are suffering from neck and back pain that is preventable according to the American Posture Institute.  As well, their studies have shown that upwards of 73% of students have patterns of postural distortions. www.americanpostureinstitute.com

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are disorders or injuries that occurs in the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage and spinal discs.  I have helped 1,000s of clients relieve pain from MSD as well as finding tools for them to utilize between adjustments that support the correction. Pyfrom Family Chiropractic and atlantic recovery center is here to serve you and your loved ones. Come have your posture checked, correct distortions and experience relief using the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. Schedule and appointment at: https://pyfromchiropractic.com/contact/.

Yours in health,

Dr. Mike

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